Master Planning & Concept Design

Delivering optimised water supply, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure solutions for local government and private sector clients. Early identification of opportunities and constraints.  

Hydraulic Modelling

Full model builds and existing model updates. Generation of demand projections. Real time flow monitoring and model calibration. Infrastructure capacity analyses.

Capital Works Planning

Delivering prudent and efficient infrastructure based on triple bottom line analyses. Detailed planning and cost optimisation. Detailed NPV analyses and asset management.

Infrastructure Design

RPEQ certified drawings. Detailed design and drawings for construction. Off the shelf designs to save you money on simple projects, site specific design if the project calls for it.

Development Applications

Any development, large or small. Engineering services reports, water and wastewater infrastructure assessments, stormwater quantity and quality management plans.

Project Management

We can manage the whole process from start to finish. Or we can just ‘do the water’. What ever our scope, we’ll make sure to keep you updated every step of the way.